TED Talk

Applying unexpected things into a photo can be really good for your photography. Adding surrealism makes things way more interesting and eye catching. With surrealism, color also ties in. When taking/making a surrealistic photo its best to use specific colors to make a “mood” or “setting.” Colors like dark to light. Dark and dark. Light […]

Indeed Job Search

I would be interested in being a photographer for Cherished Memories Photography. The only qualification I don’t meet is having a driver’s license. It’s preferred to have one to work here but I can be getting one soon. I just need a license and I would personally want to have more photo experience. I have […]

Multiple Exposures

I learned I should darken the room and position my subject against a black background. I have to allow enough background area for the number of different exposures I intend to make. I have to set up the electronic flashlights so the minimum amount of illumination falls on the background itself. I then have to […]